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Who We Are

Zeneth is a fast-growing consulting firm providing information technology and cybersecurity services to federal and commercial clients. Headquartered in Virginia with offices in Arlington and Charlottesville, our main objective is to deliver Security. Simplified.

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How We Operate

Cybersecurity is a critical component of most businesses. Yet, many organizations are overwhelmed by regulations, fear, and options. Cybersecurity can easily become a money pit, headache, and complete distraction from managing your business and engaging with your customers. Zeneth simplifies cybersecurity so that you can operate your business with confidence and without negative impacts.

With thousands of cybersecurity vendors to choose from, we carefully and continuously evaluate technologies to stay in front of threats as well as determine which tools perform as promised. We hire smart experts that approach each problem with customer focus, proven experience, and an open mind to innovation.

Cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all business and it is constantly changing. So, we start with an evaluation of your threat profile, network and data architectures, risk appetite, appropriate regulations, and actual cybersecurity needs. With this insight, we deliver smart cybersecurity architectures, validated technologies, and high-quality execution calibrated to achieve effective and compliant cybersecurity protection for less cost and frustration. We measure our results and work with our clients to ensure your cybersecurity operations are sustainable. We operate with integrity and transparency by continuously communicating on performance, possible innovations, and security recommendations.

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