Build It Right From the Start. Bad Architecture Skyrockets Costs.

Zeneth engineers sustainable programs that optimizes protection using NIST and ITIL best practices.

Flexibility, resiliency, and integrity are all attributes every security operations strives to master. And they are all possible when designed into the architecture but fail horribly when patched on as a fix.

Zeneth offers a comprehensive approach to enterprise architecture and software engineering services, including product evaluation, prototyping, integration, development, deployment, operations and maintenance support for a variety of SOC technologies. This also includes support for government furnished vulnerability assessment tools, penetration testing tools, malware analysis and digital media analysis tools, host Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), network IDS/IPS, full network traffic collection and retention, SOC switches, SOC firewalls, SOC storage devices, SOC backup system, logging system, and the Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM).

We combine the right balance of technical expertise and business acumen to help our clients achieve these business objectives. Our approach is ITIL-based and incorporates NIST (and commercial) best practices to implement solutions that are innovative, timely, and robust, and we evaluate the impact of emerging technologies and standards to ensure the highest-quality IT solutions.

In software engineering, we perform full‐scope administration, management, and configuration, as well as patching, upgrades and optimization of SOC tools, devices and application systems, servers and sensors. Zeneth follows best practices in software assessment and security to ensure solutions operate as intended and securely.

From planning, to building, to implementing infrastructure solutions, Zeneth keeps the total cost of ownership in mind. Reducing costs, improving operations, and being flexible can be achieved through thoughtful architectural planning and secure software engineering practices.

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