Struggling with Compliance?

Ready for continuous monitoring and ongoing authorization?

Zeneth helps federal agencies comply with federal information security mandates while improving the security posture of their organization through continuous monitoring.

Technical Security Assessment GUICompliance reporting is a natural output of high-performing cybersecurity teams and ought not be a distraction from critical operations. While continuous integration is important for compliance, we have found that the main reason compliance is such a drain on organizations is…quality. Errors, inaccuracies and false positives in compliance reports can drive frustration levels high, erode the legitimacy of the report and ultimately waste precious time and resources into a continuous paper exercise that distracts operations and leadership from what is really important.

Zeneth’s approach to compliance focuses on solid risk management. We do this by implementing proven internal business process tools and capabilities that improve the security posture of several federal information security programs required to maintain NIST and FISMA compliance. But, the reality is, it is also a big data problem and one that is fixable with clean, normalized data derived from trusted assessments and expert recommendations.

We have found remarkable success addressing this common problem by leveraging an innovative assessment workflow management and reporting system, FedTraq, created by our trusted partner Blue Canopy.

FedTraq solves common Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) assessment management problems:

  • “Stove-piped” evidence and artifacts collected during security assessment activities,
  • Inconsistent report writing quality from assessor to assessor, and
  • Varying Assessment and Authorization (A&A) testing methodologies based on a particular assessor’s experience level, making it difficult to gauge accurately.

With FedTraq, customers are provided an intelligence-based composite score on vulnerability reporting, emerging threat trends, and compliance levels. FedTraq instantly generates reports for assessment testing and POA&M with customer-approved repeatable findings language and taxonomy. FedTraq also automatically creates “Approach Table” and “Critical Issues” reports for technical customers. The findings of team members are reviewed for quality and accuracy in real time before the report is created.

Combining proven quality processes and technology, Zeneth delivers a frictionless approach to quality compliance reporting that doesn’t just check off a task but delivers value-added risk management not distraction.

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