When the Enemy Is Detected, Our Trusted Experts Will Protect You

From incident response to forensics, Zeneth has repeatedly built and maintained operations that protect organizations.

Your security operations team has detected an incident.

Now What?

Whether you are a federal agency or a DoD organization, we can help design and deploy an incident response (IR) program, or simply assess and improve a current program to ensure you are continuously monitoring and responding to incidents.

We save you time, focus your team on what is important and improve mitigation speed to quickly stop the bleeding and apply the remediation at scale.

Zeneth’s expertise and methodology promotes and protects the mission critical functions of your network, systems and assets. Our security analysts bring extensive capability (tools, skills and processes) in analyzing digital artifacts, identification of malware “markers,” reverse engineering of binaries, and operational behavior of malware to determine the cause and effect of system intrusions. These skills, combined with our own methods, will speed the propagation and formulation of mitigation strategies to neutralize potential and actual “events” in place and prevent future intrusions.

As an adversary attempts to compromise assets on the network and pivot from one system to another, traces of that activity are recorded throughout the network, often on disparate systems spread out among the infrastructure. Zeneth designs, delivers and maintains a network forensic analysis capability that enhances response to significant incidents to provide a clearer view of the exploits, vulnerabilities, and tactics, techniques, and procedures used.

Our forensic analysts use a process-driven approach to maintain integrity with IR handling requirements. This supports downstream IR requirements such as attribution and litigation. We follow a strict forensics collection process that is defendable in court, in compliance with government policies, and meets chain-of-custody and digital forensics requirements.

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