We Aim to be Your Virtual Cybersecurity Team

Zeneth offers more than 24x7 monitoring by cybersecurity experts using trusted technology, we want to be a trusted extension of your team.

Given today’s cyber threat and the complexity of simultaneously managing an effective security program as well as 24×7 security operations on limited public resources, Zeneth manages tens of thousands of intrusion events across multiple SOCs, and employs an approach that wisely directs valuable resources, and carefully integrates innovation while vigorously executing operations.

Most managed security providers save margins by streamlining customer service and hire more junior level analysts. We’re different. As your Virtual Cybersecurity Team, we thought hard about how we do things to do them smarter. We invest in quality, expert staff that commit to customer service. Zeneth has designed a technology stack that streamlines the science of protecting against cyber attacks reducing our costs to operate. We invested in technology that works, and didn’t waste precious dollars on bling and brands. We invested in experts that understand the science but also appreciate responsive, quality customer service.

Zeneth’s managed security service provides an immersive, nuanced, client-focused approach. Our SOC engineers and analysts work shoulder to virtual shoulder with our clients, actively probing networks to develop the contextual knowledge necessary to identify—and shutdown—targeted attacks. They think outside the network, scouring intelligence reports and even diving into the Dark Web, to stay ahead of emerging threat activity.

We work with you to develop health metrics, so you can measure success and see indicators of concern early that can then be shared with your stakeholders, which establishes trust and confidence in your product or service. This holistic approach allows us to optimize and enhance the capabilities of people with the essential skills, recognized industry-leading processes, and tight integration of the existing tools and technology.

Our services include firewall, IDS/IPS, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, backups, threat modeling, policy creation, incident response and more. We can customize the level of support to match your business requirements. We can build, measure and manage your entire security program virtually—allowing you to focus on your mission.

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