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Managed Security Service Provider

ZenOpzZenOpz, a commercial managed security service provider (MSSP) offering by Zeneth, a cybersecurity as a service provider, offers partially and fully outsourced security programs at a low monthly subscription. We cut the cost of delivering a security program for clients by as much as 75% by simplifying and streamlining the process of mitigating cybersecurity risk to meet contractual, data protection and compliance needs simply and efficiently.

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CISO as a Service

Not every organization can afford a dedicated chief information security officer (CISO) with the necessary level of expertise and operational experience. Nor does every organization require a full-time leader on staff. In many cases, smaller organizations find more return on their investment by hiring security engineers and analysts that focus on daily security operations and response.

However, CISOs provide a tremendous amount of value because of their knowledge of requirements, ability to plan and champion a practical budget, experience investing in technology and hiring quality staff as well as lessons learned responding to cybersecurity incidents.

This is why Zeneth provides CISOs as a service to small and mid-size companies. We recognize the value of being able to get advice when needed, assistance when planning your program or help when things go wrong. Our experienced CISOs work with your team as needed and only when needed to keep cost low and value high.

In most cases, our CISOs start with a small program needs assessment. This enables them to understand your business and threat environment so that their advice and help is calibrated to your needs. This also provides immediate value to our clients in understanding what cybersecurity needs they have and how to plan it in accordingly.


By blending quality DevOps practices with security and quality, Zeneth embeds security into development with a focus on delivering trusted solutions with better quality, reliability and user experience. This approach has successfully streamlined development services resulting in improved value at reduced operational cost and risk.

SecDevOps ensures solutions consider regulatory requirements early in the development to reduce costs and design in protections as well as resiliency to eliminate malware threats. Zeneth experts know how to deploy a program that operates in compliance with a variety of standards, regulations and best practices across software development, operations, quality assurance and security. Programs clearly outline team norms and performance standards, processes and metrics to enable leadership to monitor iterative progress, continuously identify risks and manage overall team capacity.

Enterprise Risk Management

Organizations talk often about “cybersecurity” in terms of cyber threats, vulnerability management and incident response. However, to effectively manage threats to your enterprise, vulnerabilities within your control and active risks occurring within your network, organizations must implement an enterprise risk management process. In simple terms, enterprise risk management is an approach that operationalizes and aligns your cybersecurity tactics and programs to your business needs in a continuous measurable way that allow you to make risk-based decisions.

A risk is simply the point in which a threat exploits a vulnerability. Threats are monitored, detected and contained. Vulnerabilities are discovered through assessments, tests and audits and then are managed to closure. Once you identify that point of risk, organizations need a means to categorize, prioritize and mitigate. In some cases, risk is delegated, accepted or insured depending on the business costs and risks. This whole process of managing the risk is enterprise risk management.

Resources are not unlimited and budgets are shrinking. Technology is only a portion of the challenge. Successful enterprise risk management requires expert knowledge, planning, security architecture and processes that are measurable and reportable.

Zeneth has successfully rolled out a number of enterprise risk management programs. In some cases, we built programs from scratch. In other cases, we assessed and improved programs to better align with changing threat profiles and risk appetite. No one enterprise is the same. We start by understanding your company, threat exposure and risk appetite as well as budgets and resource capacity. This helps us design a program that fits, works and can grow with your organization. From there, our team can either implement or simply continue to advise and assist where needed.  

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing services help provide validation of working security controls and awareness of vulnerabilities in technology or processes. They can be delivered as a comprehensive test or a more focused test depending on your needs. They can be created to help with ensuring due diligence, regulation, adherence to best security practices or can be focused on known cyber attack techniques.

Zeneth delivers penetration tests with full transparency. Our team will work with you to set test objectives, tactics and scope to meet your needs. We use experts that implement testing with minimal risk to operations and who are committed to helping you understand your vulnerabilities and needed remediation. Our reports offer valuable insights and clarity on recommended, prioritized next steps.

What Makes Us Different?

Zeneth believes that cybersecurity can be simplified and successful. We have seen complex cybersecurity solutions fail and simple ones work well. We focus on optimizing the strengths of your architecture and protecting your weaknesses—not bolting on expensive services and technology.

Zeneth brings the perfect blend of trusted government contractor with commercial polish and customer focus. Our team holds multiple industry-respected certifications and background checks. We have delivered cybersecurity solutions successfully under pressure and for high-threat environments. We have also successfully delivered for clients with constrained budgets and teams who serve various industries under multiple regulations. This blended experience and knowledge have honed our skills and opened our minds to appreciate each of our clients’ shared challenges and unique circumstances. Our clients notice this difference in our flexibility, integrity, and service.


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