Zeneth Helps Support Growing DoD Organization

Zeneth Supports Growing DoD Organization


DoD Organization.


An agency’s network and customer base had grown at an incredible pace. In response to both demand and increased mission requirements, this organization sought Zeneth’s support for both the near and long term to establish a more mature cybersecurity program.


Zeneth helps maintain the organization’s enterprises security posture to meet its mission to proactively protect, detect, react, and recover its networked systems and services from the cyber threat; build in cyber resiliency; and train personnel on cybersecurity.


Secure Mobility

Zeneth enables our client to take advantage and minimize risk posed by mobile devices by performing the following tasks:

  • Build secure coding guidelines around emerging technologies that are lacking standards and security practices.
  • Analyze security gaps within existing mobile operating systems that could hinder existing consumer and corporate mobile solutions.
  • Define, review, and enforce information security policy, standards, and guidelines for mobility operations and technology implementation.
  • Analyze security gaps within existing third-party and open-source mobile technologies and frameworks that lack standard validation methodologies and incorporate remediation practices to reduce risk posture of products and assets.

Cloud Security

Zeneth is conducting ongoing research activities on the engineering and implementation of systems and applications in the cloud to ensure compliance with DoD security standards. We provide research and analyze recommendations, make security-related changes to systems, and develop and maintain the security documents. Our team works with testers, engineers, and developers to ensure NIST and other guidelines are applied to the system.


Zeneth worked with the client to expand its security architecture to meet the growth of the organization’s user base. In parallel, Zeneth tuned the security devices in their operations center to improve the quality of alerts generated by each device to reduce the amount of false positives—which translates into improved efficiency of the tier 1 and tier 2 analysts. Zeneth also modified and optimized the threat intelligence dashboards to improve the contextual information and identify threats in a much more efficient and expedient manner.

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