Your clients need complete protection from cyber threats. We make it simple.

ZenOpz is a complete, cloud-based cybersecurity system that protects your clients and makes your company more productive.

ZenOps Installation

ZenOpz is easy to install.  

We’ve built a managed service that includes a single device, plugged in to your clients’ networks, which immediately begins the process of scanning all connected desktops, servers, firewalls, and network devices for vulnerabilities.  From there, we automatically monitor, scan, and report security issues throughout your clients’ networks.  Updated constantly for new threats, ZenOpz provides 24/7 coverage. We’re always on, so both you and your clients can rest easier.

ZenOpz Analysis

You’ll know your client’s risks and be able to take action.

Once ZenOpz is installed, you’ll get automated email reports and access to a web-based dashboard.  With a prioritized view, you can see what needs to be reconfigured or upgraded. You can also show clients that you’ve solved any pending security issues.

ZenOpz Markup

Our service plans are flexible to fit your client needs.

We can either monitor and report on security issues, or our security experts can help manage more complex environments. Our fees are based on the number of endpoints that are scanned and the amount of help you need.

More Productive Header

You can make less experienced employees more productive.

Our service makes it easy to give your junior employees – or the even senior ones who have less experience in network security – a work plan to keep your client desktops, servers, and network devices locked down. It’s all available via a dashboard they can access whenever and wherever they need it.

Access Experience Header

You can access security experts when you need them.

We’ve worked with banks, insurance companies, and government agencies. ZenOpz brings that same technology and experience to you.  If you have a client who needs more expertise than you have in-house, we can be your go-to security experts.

Documentation Header

You’ll have documentation for compliance and to show clients your essential work.

When your clients ask about their security, you can provide comprehensive, easily understood reports.

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